Just a note of thanks for the education, treatment and care I received. After years of suffering with lower back pain I am pleased to report that I am pain free! Dr. Harper you and Alecia operate a very professional and pleasant office; it was a pleasure to meet you both and your generosity has not gone unnoticed.

- Y. Nabors
5 stars

Before receiving therapy and adjustments from Dr. Harper I had suffered from lower back pain for approximately 3-4 months. The pain was especially bad when lying down, i.e. sleeping. Now my back pain is 100% better and I have very few problems lying down.

I would recommend Dr. Harper and the staff at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center to anyone who is interested in any chiropractic services. They have treated me and every patient like we are the most important patients of all.

- D. McKee

For over 10 years my back has hurt on a daily basis, especially in the upper shoulder and neck areas. On my first visit, Dr. Harper took some X-rays and showed me how my spine was out of line. Even in my neck, the bones didn't curve the way they should. Unlike most doctors' offices, here at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center you are shown your problems and the treatments are explained to you so you know where you are and where the treatments will bring you. Now my back feels great! The job I have puts some strain on it, but its nothing like before I started treatment.

The staff here at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center is (E) EXTRA special. I feel like I am visiting family when I come here. Everyone is (E) EXCELLENT. What I like least about the care was that it was over too soon. It was a great experience! I tell everyone they shouldn't believe what they hear. Chiropractic helps. I'm a believer. Thank you all so much!

- W. Dawson
5 stars

For several weeks I have had a severe "crick" in my neck. It was affecting my work and sleep. OTC ibuprofen was all that I was using to treat the condition. No doctors were visited prior to seeing Dr. Harper. Since beginning treatment at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center my condition has resolved.

The staff here is extremely pleasant, attentive, and professional. The friendliness and professionalism of the office sets it apart from all others. There is no way you could find a friendlier, more professional center for therapy. My only struggle with treatment was the time commitment required to complete my full course of sessions and to get completely well.

- W. Rogers
5 stars

Prior to my first visit with Dr. Harper I had been suffering with arm pain for approx. 4-6 weeks and my neck has bothered me for 25 years. My right arm was very sore and had limited movement. I was unable to turn my head very far left, maybe 50% of the way. I had never done anything to help alleviate any of the pain. i had not taken any drugs or seen other doctors. Since starting treatments with Dr. Harper I have seen VAST improvement for my arm and neck movement and comfort.

The staff at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center has been very considerate, friendly, and competent and they treated me extremely well. My favorite part is that they are professional - yet at the same time I was treated like a friend or family member. I would tell my friends and family to go use them too!

- D. Hyatt
5 stars

Hello from Georgia. I'm doing just great. I'm trying to get settled and find a new chiropractor just like Dr. Harper. I truly admire his expertise and attitude with his patients. I have been involved with chiropractic for over 25 years and know that Dr. Harper and his staff at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center are an exceptional team. I value the time and energy they put into communicating with each individual patient. I will miss you!

- D. Madden

I suffered with pain in my mid to lower back for more than 3 years. The pain got so bad at night that I couldn't sleep. Before starting treatments with Dr. Harper I tried to stop the pain by taking pills, pills, & more pills! Now the pain in my back has decreased ( I have other medical conditions that are now contributing to my discomfort) and I'm not tripping over my feet anymore. The best thing is that I'm getting more sleep.

The staff here at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center is WONDERFUL!!! I appreciate the time Dr. Harper took to explain what the cause to my pain was and to answer my questions. He has a wonderful bed-side manner and his beautiful office manager makes your day from the moment she greets you with that beautiful smile of hers. they really made me feel like a VIP. This office host a very professional and friendly atmosphere and the treatments I've received were painless and very beneficial (no pills). My least favorite of all the treatments was th ICE, but the massages made up for it.

- K. Jones

I have suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain for 2 years. My medical doctor prescribed Flexaril, but I didn't take it regularly because it made me sleepy. Since completing treatments with Dr. Harper at the Town & Country Spinal Pain Center I do not have pain on a daily basis. At times stressors tighten my neck, but overall my pain has been relieved!

I enjoyed the friendly, calming and welcoming atmosphere of Dr. Harper and his wonderful staff. Between treatments I often missed all the smiling faces. I would recommend them to anyone who needed help like this.

- S.Cole
5 stars

Over the past 7 years I have seen a pain management doctor, received pain blocks and took several narcotics to help alleviate sharp pain in my lower back and numbness in my left leg. Only treatment with Dr. Harper has rid me of some of the worst pain I was experiencing.

Dr. Harper and the staff at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center have treated me very well, better than some of my own family. I would tell my friends and family that I have been treated very well, very respectful and have experienced a significant reduction in pain. Chiropractic treatment has been a very positive experience and I have had excellent results!

- C. Chaney

Several weeks ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Since then I have been suffering from intense pain in my foot and shoulder and an irregular curve of my spine. I tried electrodes and a massage table to alleviate the pain on my own. Since beginning treatment with Dr. Harper, at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center, I have had no pain at all!

The best part of all the care I received was the friendly staff. They treated me very well and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Town & Country Spinal Pain Center because of the friendly environment and the great doctor who knows how to ease your pain.

- D. Hubbard
5 stars

I have had pain in my left shoulder, neck and a tingling/numb feeling run down my arm off and on for 3 years. Treatment with Dr. Harper has been remarkable. He adjusted my neck along with assigning exercises to do at home. I found the hardest part of all the treatment was dropping everything (busy lives) and actually taking time out to make all my scheduled visits. But it was all worth the effort. In only 10 visits I was in much less pain and feeling better.

The staff at Town & Country Spinal Pain Center has always treated me with the utmost respect and concern and has always been very pleasant. The best part of treatment of course is feeling better, but I have made a new friend in Alecia. I have recommended Dr. Harper and staff to my family and friends.

- A. Gamble
5 stars

I really appreciated the comfort and care that your staff and you presented to me in my time of discomfort. The professionalism and comforts of home at the center made me feel as if I was among friends. The center was very therapeutic as well as relaxing and entertaining. If a person does not like going to the hospital or clinic for treatment, then they will love the atmosphere here at Town and Country Spinal Pain Center.

You all are a very loving and caring group of individuals that make everyone feel comfortable being there. Even the guests that may accompany your patients from time to time feel welcomed. Words cannot express how much you all have impacted my life. I enjoyed my stay so much that I still come back to get more treatments from the center. I believe you all will be a positive force in the city of Bessemer and surrounding communities. You all provide special care to your patients that will be talked about until you decide to retire. Thanks for your loving care and support!!!!!!

- A. Cox

My sister and I were involved in an auto accident last year. I suffered with neck and back pain for several weeks. We were referred to Dr. Harper, and I must admit that it was the best gift someone could have given. On my first visit, I remember Alecia's warm, bubbly persona and wondering how the Doctor would be. Unlike others, the office environment here is so inviting and calming. I felt as if all my problems and worries melted away. I felt GREAT just sitting in the waiting room.

Visiting any doctor's office has always made me nervous, but here at Town and Country Spinal Pain Center my feelings were the complete opposite. Not only did I NOT feel nervous, I FELT THAT I WAS HOME. Dr. Harper and Alecia helped restore me back to health and warmed my heart. I love you guys!!!! I have and will be sure to pass this lovely gift on to others.

- M.I. Johnson
5 stars

Alecia, thank you for devoting your time to us in order to share your knowledge with our students. We appreciate you attending career day!!

P.S. I am still enjoying my flowers! They are beautiful. :)

- A. Crandle

The first time I walked into Dr. Harper's building, it was like a breath of fresh air. After my car accident, my neck had been causing me a lot of pain and I must admit that I was a little skeptical that my pain would be relieved. I was happily recieved when I walked into his office and the rest of the time spent there was like a breeze on a hot day. Before I knew it, my scheduled visits were finished and my neck felt better than ever. I was sad to stop coming, but there was no need for me to return since the pain was completely gone. I would recommend Dr. Harper to everyone and anyone who wants their pain relief to also be a great experience.

- M. Johnson

I am so pleased that Town and Country Spinal "Pain" Center was able to participate in the 45th Street Baptist Church Health Fair. I appreciate the time you spent speaking with our members and servicing their spinal needs. Thank you so much for your time and participation!!

- C. Williams
5 stars

Dr. Harper, the faculty and staff at Hueytown High School would like to personally thank you and your staff for a wonderful day. Everyone throughly enjoyed their 10 minutes of stress free time. The only complaint I heard was that the massage wasn't long enough. Again, thank you for recognizing the importance of our jobs.

- W. Hartley

I was first introduced to Dr. Harper via my two girls, who had been involved in an automobile accident. I was very impressed with the frankness, professionalism, and down to earth attitude of Dr.Harper and his staff. However, on my girls second visit, unbenownst to me they had spoken to Dr. Harper about how I looked-that I seemed to be leaning to one side. So after completing the necessary paperwork, Dr. Harper provided me with a detailed examination and x-rays to evaluate my condition. I learned that due to an injury some years ago, I was unconsciously holding my left shoulder up higher than my right due to falling on my left shoulder while playing basketball. Amazingly, I started going to Dr. Harper along with my daughters and thats when I instantly felt at home within that first week of treatment.

I could see firsthand the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Harper in meeting my scheduling needs, the care shown to my treatment, the interest shown to my family, the whole picture of what a person wants to happen when they go to a doctor. You expect your doctor to be kind, knowledgeable, and to really listen to what is going on in your life (even if its not related to their condition) - however, that's not always the case. Dr. Harper is truly an exception. I appreciate how he relates to his patients despite their level of injury or health condition. He is a conscientious physician that you would want to have in this hurry up, get to the next patient, get your money, and kick them out kind of world. Stop!! If you want to experience a doctor of genuine concern and excellent character then Dr. Harper is your chiropractor in this new millennium.

I felt like a long-lost family member everytime I had my scheduled visits. I have and will constantly recommend my friends and family members to Dr. Harper for their treatment. His office staff is next to none that I know of that makes you feel warm and cared about to the point that a person would not want to leave to go home because you feel that you are already there!

-M.E. Johnson
5 stars